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How Do I Request a School Evaluation?
Kate Haskew, CAGS, NCSP, ABSNP
Many parents report that getting a school to conduct an evaluation for their child is an up-hill battle. Kate Haskew, a former school psychologist, reviews the laws and regulations regarding parents' rights in formally requesting a school evaluation. There are simple tried-and-true ways to push past the red tape and speed up the process.
ADHD in High School
Kate Haskew, cags, ncsp, absnp
ADHD isn’t homogeneous. It looks different for everyone, both in terms of brain function and impairment. Symptoms may fluctuate daily, making diagnosis and impact statements difficult to summarize. Symptoms may overlap with an array of other mental and physical health concerns. If we have established criteria, then why do school teams have such difficulty specifying how a particular student is impacted and what interventions, remediation, and/or supports are needed?
Unearthing the Missed Diagnosis
Paul Beljan, psyd
Schools often utilize the discrepancy model to identify learning disorders. Dr. Beljan discusses the inherent flaws with the discrepancy and offers a neuropsychologically-informed approach for more accurately and comprehensively diagnosing learning disorders.
Executive Functioning in Gifted Children
Paul Beljan, psyd
Dr. Beljan discusses the brain basis of attention and executive functioning, specifically as it pertains to children who are gifted. Gifted children represent a disproportional amount of children identified with ADHD which is as widely misdiagnosed as it is widely misunderstood and unfortunately mistreated.
Autism: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
justin gardner, psyd
If you’ve ever rented or bought a house, you know that lighting can make or break an entire space. From dingy overhead lighting to fluorescent bathroom lights, the wrong lighting can be the difference between a good mood and a bad day.
Your Child Isn't Broken
justin gardner, psyd
Building on novel research into the applications of computational modeling in psychology, Dr. Gardner explains the neuropsychological underpinnings of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how even children with relatively lower functioning Autism are not that impaired as people may think.

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Understanding Math Learning Disorder

A burgeoning body of literature in pediatric neuropsychological assessment suggests executive functioning is the foundation of many procedural learning skills as mediated by cerebellar processing. Given the neuropsychological necessity of intact procedural learning ability for efficient academic learning, the accurate identification of what we have termed “procedural consolidation deficit” (PCD) may be an underpinning of mathematical learning disorder (MLD). Results suggest performance on procedural learning tasks significantly predict a classification of MLD.

Recently published in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology!

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