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Now introducing a new member of the Beljan team!

Kathleen T. Costello LPC-S, RPT-S

Kathleen specializes in the treatment of young children between the ages of 3 -12 years of age. Her areas of expertise and training include early childhood trauma, crisis intervention, stress reduction (anxiety), depression, ADHD, gifted children, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce adjustment, grief and loss, and attachment/bonding concerns.

Kathleen Costello, LPC-S, RPT-SKathleen Costello as a child

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Is your child struggling and you are at a loss for how to help them? Our team of highly decorated clinicians provide a host of neuropsychological, psychological, psychoeducational, and independent education (IEE) evaluations aimed at diagnosing and providing individualized treatment recommendations for a wide range of academic, behavioral, social, cognitive and emotional concerns in children and adults.

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Are you looking to take your psychotherapy to the next level? Our licensed psychologists and therapists offer high-quality individual and family therapy for adults and children. Our highly trained clinicians offer a variety of services, including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), sand-tray therapy, family-systems therapy, emotion-focused psychotherapy, and existential psychotherapies.

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Is your child struggling with learning to read, write, or do math? Have you already tried other tutoring programs that don't seem to be helping? Our tutors integrate key principles of neuropsychology into their application of a highly structured and individualized evidence-based reading and spelling tutoring program that supports the development of decoding, reading comprehension, spelling, and listening comprehension skills.

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Do you have questions about how to better help your child get the educational support and academic accommodations they need in school? We bring decades of experience in neuropsychology and school psychology to help you learn how to better advocate for your child based on their own unique needs.

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Uncertain about what you need or what service may be the best option for you or your child? Schedule a one-hour intake appointment to meet with one of our providers who will "roll up their sleeves" to help you better determine what you are looking for.  

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Our Promise to You

We strive to provide the highest quality of clinical care using empirically supported and individualized treatment approaches. Our top neuropsychologists, psychologists, therapists, tutors, and providers are dedicated to helping you, your child, and your family live a better life.

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What is pediatric neuropsychology?

Pediatric neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between brain health and behavior in children. Clinical neuropsychologists conduct assessments of intellect, executive functioning, academics, and social skills to develop a comprehensive understanding of how your child's brain relates to their ability to reach their potential. Each child is unique, and our clinical neuropsychologists strive to figure out what makes your child tick.
Learn more about neuropsychology from the American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology (AAPdN)


What Others Have to Say

"If your child is smart yet routinely struggles in school, call Dr. Beljan. Very thorough, professional and personable. Highly recommend."
5 stars
"They were conscientious with our time and budget. I highly recommend Beljan Psychological Services, well worth the investment."
5 stars
"Excellent! I was referred by our pediatrician to get our son tested. The evaluation was super informative and helped our son get the help he needs!"
5 stars
"Extremely knowledgeable with the gifted population and differential diagnosis. I had both of my kids tested here. Very thorough, professional and personable."
5 stars
"Hands down the best money I have ever spent on my gifted/neurodiverse kid. Forever grateful for his expertise and the time he and his team took to really connect with my son and yield accurate testing results. Fantastic experience all around."
5 stars
"Very experienced. The best evaluation our son has ever been given and the feedback and referral sources were really welcomed. I would definitely recommend his services. The best way to help someone is to really know what is wrong so that those issues can be addressed."
5 stars
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How We Are Expanding to Better Serve You
New Office
Now In the East Valley
We have teamed up with Foundations Developmental House and Synergy Dyslexia Center to better serve our friends in the East Valley. Now offering neuropsychological assessments, gifted testing, autism evaluations, educational services, and psychotherapy.
New services
Neuropsychology-Informed Autism Evaluations
We are excited to now provide an expanded number of services for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our providers offer traditional ADOS testing in addition to a novel integrated approach to Autism assessment utilizing principles from pediatric neuropsychology and speech/language pathology to give you a more comprehensive understanding of how Autism may be affecting more than just your social interactions.
Approved ESA Vendor
Approved use of ESA funds includes a wide variety of educational expensing, including reading, tutoring, and neuropsychological evaluations.
What is ESA?
for you
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Stay up to date on how Beljan Psychological Services is giving back to the community through conducting research and providing free resources to parents on how to better help their children reach their full potential. Check out our blog for updates.