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Developmental Assessment

Assessing for developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder and developmental coordination disorder, etc., is complex and requires an expert to rule out or determine the presence of such a disorder.

Developmental assessment of preschool- through school-age children is a collaborative process that typically includes an in-depth diagnostic interview with parents and play-based, functional, and standardized assessments of the child’s cognitive skills, emerging school readiness skills, communication, fine and gross motor functioning, and social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Children typically enjoy the assessment process and find the activities interesting and engaging. A separate feedback session is scheduled with parents to discuss results and provide specific recommendations based on the referral question. This type of evaluation can be helpful in determining appropriate educational options as well as needs for treatment and early intervention.

School Readiness Assessment

School readiness assessment of older preschoolers can be helpful in determining how to best meet your child’s unique learning needs as you plan for kindergarten and beyond. This may include assessment of intellect, emerging academic skills, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional readiness, and provides useful information to aid in what can be a difficult decision making process.

Toddler Development Assessment and Consultation

Parent consultation and developmental evaluation can be helpful to monitor ongoing development, provide education and recommendations for enrichment activities, assist parents in better understanding and managing difficult behavior, connect parents with needed resources, and provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses to guide education and/or treatment planning.

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